Transnational Impact of Jamaican Culture 2016


“Jidenna – Little Bit More” filmed in July 2016. 

In recent years, the transnational impact of Jamaica’s culture could be seen in many areas. Katy Perry attended the dance class of Jamaican dancer Mystic in Portland in June 2014 while on vacation in the island. Tommy Hilfiger showcased Jamaican and African-inspired apparel at his spring/summer 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week in September 2015. Most recently, American rapper Tyga filmed his video for the song “1 of 1” in various parts of Jamaica as well as British DJ Sigala filmed his video for his song “Say You Do” and Jidenna “Little Bit More”. 

“Tyga – 1 of 1″filmed in Jamaica in June 2016. 

It is important for us to explore more ways in which the creative industries of Jamaica can be mobilized to develop, enhance and promote our multifaceted brand to the world. Jamaican culture has transcended beyond our borders into many societies around the world. One such society is the Japanese. Many Japanese people have been attending Dancehall events in Jamaica for several years and they have also participated in Dancehall contests and won. More importantly they bring what they’ve learnt about Jamaican culture back home and introduce it to their society. Many Jamaican songs have been sampled by overseas artistes, the Japanese dancehall queen phenomenon has been very popular in recent years, as well as the prevalence of the sound system festivals around the world; the sound system of course originating in Jamaica in the 1950’s. The aforementioned are all impacts of Jamaican culture extending beyond our shores.

Jamaican culture has expanded beyond our shores to far reaching continents such as Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our culture is expressed through some of the most dominant forms: music, dance and fashion. We must find more innovative ways to develop and expand the creative industries so that the global currency accumulated from these industries can tell a more diverse narrative of Jamaica; in so doing, position Jamaica as global leader on the world stage with our various forms of cultural expressions. It is also important that as Jamaican citizens we realize the impact our culture has on our social consciousness, as well the impact it has on the rest of the world.

“Sigala – Say You Do ft Imani, DJ Fresh” filmed in Jamaica in January 2016. 



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