Trump vs. Hillary…6 Months Away


The November 2016 elections in America is fast approaching with the Republican Party already selecting their presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, and the Democratic Party contest still underway with front-runner Hillary Clinton and challenger Senator Bernie Sanders. This 2016 election season has seen the rise of newcomer to politics Donald Trump, whose political success came as a surprise to many. Trump beat 16 other Republican competitors to become the presumptive nominee of the GOP, even gaining the most votes ever in the history of American politics for the Republican Party. On the contrast, he also has the highest negatives of any candidate that has ever run for political office in the United States of America. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton also has a very high negative perception among the American electorate which makes both her and Trump the two candidates with the highest unfavorability ratings in the history of American politics.


More than 10 million Americans have voted thus far for Trump during this election season, the most votes ever casted for a Republican political candidate. This statistic has many wondering why are so many Americans joining the Trump train. What has gone wrong in Washington that has caused the electorate to become so disenfranchised?  It’s no secret that conservative Americans feel that the Obama administration has not lived up to the high expectations that most Americans had when he was first elected in 2008. That’s quite debatable based on how one looks at it considering that Obama’s presidency has been defined mostly by a progressive agenda in several areas such as LGBT and human rights, the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba, the ending of the war in Iraq, the turnaround of the US economy after the 2008 economic recession, the signing of the Affordable Care Act (2010) which gave 32 million uninsured Americans access to health care, the turnaround of the U.S Auto industry, among several others.

This phenomenon can be considered by a term I consider to be “political intellectual dishonesty”. Conservatives are adamant that the Obama administration has failed, but if one should really be objective such an assertion by Republican conservatives is nothing short of political intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy. The Republicans are not in power so therefore, Obama has failed because his agenda and policies are not representative of their views. The same can be said about the Democrats when the Republicans were in power under George W. Bush. The Democrats believed strongly that Bush had failed as a president and that’s what led America to the myriad of problems that Obama inherited and had to restore America from near abyss under the last Bush administration. Hence, this behaviour is described as political intellectual dishonesty when each party puts forward arguments that might not necessarily be true to advance their own political agenda.

So here we are in May 2016, 6 months before Americans go to the polls to elect a new President and the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has received the most votes in Republican history for his candidacy while at the same time having a very high negative perception among women, African-Americans, disabled persons and Hispanics while for the Democratic Party, front runner Hillary Clinton is currently under FBI investigation for her emails. This is quite an unconventional election season for America which makes the American electorate’s decision on who the next President should be extremely difficult. One candidate has absolutely no political experience and disrespects a large demographic of the American voting populous while the other has vast amount of political experience and has a serious issue with the perceived level of transparency. But they both have something in common; the highest negative perception of all the political candidates that has ever run for office in America, but one has to win. Who will it be? Only time will tell; November 2016 is only 6 months away.

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