Mariah At Jamaica Jazz 2015: The Unvarnished Truth

Mariah performed at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival on January 30th but she got mixed reviews from most of the patrons that attended. Many media sites have been reporting that she missed the mark, but in all honesty Mariah was good, with the exception of a few glitches;it was not terrible as many media outlets have been reporting. The sole purpose of this article is to clear up any discrepancies that unfolded at Jamaica Jazz 2015.


Mariah was scheduled to perform at 11:15PM but she did not arrive onstage until almost 12AM. She was NOT late. She was at the venue long before her scheduled time to perform but the previous act Richie Stephens had to remove his equipment and it took awhile for her team to set up her equipment so that took awhile. After that was sorted out there was an introductory video which showcased most of her accolades. 

After the video, she emerged onstage and I must say she looks absolutely flawless in person. Pictures do not adequately capture her beauty. With that said, her set started with her 90’s mega-hit “Fantasy”. This is where all the confusion started. The backing track of “Fantasy” was obviously too loud and Mariah’s lipping was even more obvious. To be fair she was having problems with her left earpiece, as she was seen fondling with it constantly throughout the performance which made everything very awkward. But she progressed into the next song which was “Touch My Body” and this was when she started singing. 

Mariah progressed into the other songs on her set-list and sang all of them LIVE. She also did a lot of impromptu singing and ad libs which was quite impressive. Standouts: “Emotions” and “Vision of Love”.

Throughout her set, Mariah had 4 ensemble changes, one of which was a stunning Roberto Cavalli gown, a green and black tropical inspired dress, a white sparkly dress and a purple dress which was very unflattering. She later admitted that her seamstress did a poor job.

Other standout performances were “Always Be My Baby”, “I’ll Be There (Feat. Trey Lorenz)” and “We Belong Together”.

Now for the real truth. As I’ve stated above the only song that was LIPPED was “Fantasy”. Every other song was sung LIVE and her vocals were good. The reason why some patrons were dissatisfied was because of the song selections. The promoter of Jamaica Jazz and Blues, Walter Elmore stated in an interview that Mariah’s set would be an extension of her Asian tour, but her manager would tailor the set-list to suit the Jamaican audience. Clearly that was not done because most of the audience felt understandably disconnected because there were a lot of Mariah’s uptempo songs like “I’m That Chick”, “Honey (So So Def Remix)”, “Heartbreaker (Remix to Original)” and “Shake It Off” which the audience were not accustomed to. Jazz and Blues normally attracts middle-aged people and people of a particular age, aged 35+. Most of these people are not used to the Hip-Hop, uptempo songs so clearly there existed a generation gap there. Those people are familiar with Mariah’s body of work predominantly from the 90’s era when her songs dominated the airwaves and the Billboard charts. So if her manager had actually done adequate research then more ballads would’ve been on the set-list and less uptempo which was what the audience wanted, or even a performance of “Cruise Control” which she did with Jamaica’s own Damian Marley would’ve excited the crowd somewhat.

There was also a lot of banter in between the performances of some of her songs. The audience would’ve preferred more singing and not so much unnecessary ramblings, but that’s Mariah for you. Overall, Mariah was good. She could’ve been much better if her team had tailored the set-list to suit the needs of the Jamaican audience which would’ve included more ballads. Her voice was also in good condition, and the ad libs and impromptu singing proved that she still has the VOICE. This is the absolute truth. Whether you choose to believe it or not that’s really not my business. I will stand in my conviction, as I expect you to stand in yours.  I also must say that the media love to over-sensationalize their news stories to sell papers. This is a business for them and it’s easy to make money by slandering someone by blowing stories out of proportion. People should do their own independent research before they judge and make certain pronouncements because not everything that is presented in the media is accurate. 


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