Johnathan Celestin’s “My Own Be-You-tiful” Anti-Bullying Campaign

Recording artiste Johnathan Celestin released a new song entitled ‘Be-You-tiful’ along with an anti-bullying campaign to help combat all of the “isms” that are permeating public and private spaces nowadays. Along with the video, the campaign consists of a series of video of different people stating the phrase “I am my own beautiful, and you are too”. An interview was conducted with JC to get more insight into his latest project. 


The last time we spoke to JC he had just completed his debut album “…And then the rolling stone fell in love” but now he’s back promoting an anti-bullying campaign ‘Be-You-tiful’. This campaign is aimed at combating all types of discrimination that exists within our society. Whether it be discrimination against sexuality, color, race, gender, body image, this campaign is aimed at spreading awareness to the people who face discrimination on a regular basis. Various organizations that deal with LGBT rights and Human Rights are targeted with the promotion of this campaign. Jonathan says that many individuals in our societies are ostracized because they might look a certain way, or speak a certain way and because of that they are shunned so he began doing public speaking, especially after his shows and concerts that speak to the injustices that occur frequently. 

The song has an uptempo feel that makes you want to dance and feel good. It incorporated the use of live instruments which was written and composed by JC himself with the assistance of a few others.  This is a beautiful song with a positive message. Click the link below and share with your friends!


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