Album Review: “Count On My Love” – Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Chin

Jamaican recording artiste and season 5 winner of the Voice USA, Tessanne Chin released her album “Count on My Love” on July 1 in America and the sales are rather disappointing. In fact, her album debuted at #41 on Billboard 200 charts, #6 on iTunes and sold approximately 7,000 copies the first week, and is the lowest first weeks sales by any winner of the Voice USA. 

Now, before we start playing the blame game and criticizing Tessanne, let us remember that not much promotion was done prior to the release of the album. I do not know why the label did not pump adequate money into marketing Tess’ album and film music videos for the debut singles “Tumbling Down” and “Everything Reminds Me Of You” which would’ve helped to boost album sales.  Also we do not know how her management and public relations team planned on marketing her to the American audience, if any at all. 

Let’s take a look at the track listing

1. “Tumbling Down”

2.”Everything Reminds Me of You”

3. “Count on My Love”

4. “Always Tomorrow”

5. “Lifeline”

6. ” I Heart You”

7. “Loudest Silence”

8. “Heaven Knows”

9. “People Change”

10. “One Step Closer” 

The album had production from very talented people in the music industry who are well-experienced. Persons such as Ryan Tedder of “One Republic” who wrote chart-topping songs such as “Apologize”, “Bleeding Love” , “Halo” and “Counting Stars”. Also assisting with the album’s songwriting and overall production was Claude Kelly, world-renowned songwriter Diane Warren, and Tessanne herself.

So what went wrong? Overall, the album has good production, songwriting, vocals etc but there needed to be more tracks. 10 tracks were insufficient. Also proper marketing and promotion is key in today’s  music industry which is heavily dominated by pop music on the airwaves. Therefore, Tessanne needs a strong and effective management team that knows how to properly market her to the Contemporary Pop music audiences in the United States. 

Tessanne as we already know has an incredible voice, but in today’s music world its not about who has the best voice anymore. It’s not like in the 90’s where you had to have good pipes like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion or Toni Braxton. Back in the 90’s era, it was mostly about true talent but fast-forward to 2014, its mostly sex that sells music and overly raunchy image and persona. I’m not saying Tessanne should sell out herself and start twerking like most of these current girls, however image development is key to survival in the current music industry. 

Also in this current era of music, “performance” and stage presence is key. As I previously said it’s not just about the voice, its about who can perform on a stage, not necessarily have well-choreographed dance moves, but STAGE PRESENCE. That is very crucial. Today’s performers have to think outside of the box and deliver stellar performances that the fans can remember. Whether that means incorporating props, sexy ensembles, diva fan, whatever the case may be, stage presence is imperative because we are in the digital age. Everything is on the internet and social media, therefore today’s entertainers have to do a lot more to be successful.

With all of that said, I don’t think we should be too hard on Tessanne. Her album was a commendable effort. Not because it wasn’t commercially successful, means it was a bad album. People need to stop tearing each other down and start uplifting each other and show support in whatever ways we can. With that said, Tessanne has a lot of work to do. The machinery behind her needs to be tightened to allow for her to blossom into the global superstar that the universe intended for her to be.


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