Getting to know Trishauna Clarke

Trishauna Clarke has been slowly making an impact in the entertainment world in her native island of Jamaica as well as South Florida. She is a graduate of the University of Miami where she earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing as well obtaining degrees in Sociology, Psychology and Social Science from Florida Atlantic University. Apart from the academics, TLC, as she is affectionately known, can be seen in numerous television commercial, infomercials , music videos, magazines, fashion shows and the list could go on for miles. She was selected by Legacy magazine from the Miami Herald as one of South Florida’s Top 40 under 40 leaders of today and tomorrow for 2011 and she was featured on BET’S Rip the Runway show for 2011. This is just the tip of the iceberg for this rapidly rising star who has numerous accolades to her name in all of 24 years. I did an interview with TLC to find out what’s the driving force behind all her successes  her future endeavors.

Q1.  How would you define Trishauna Clarke?

TLC – A very positive and self driven individual who loves to care for others and to have fun while doing her best at everything she attempts.  Failure is not an option.

Q2.  Describe your upbringing

TLC – I was blessed to have parents who love me unconditionally and go the extra mile to make sure ends meet.  At times, when my family struggled, my parents always kept a smile and taught me that hope and faith are constants to always believe in because you will prevail.  The morals and values that were instilled in me from my childhood to this day is what made me  the strong and proud woman that I am today.  I did netball, track and field, acting, dancing and swimming as a child.  I am passionate about track and field and acting.  My parents supported me as much as they could and taught me to never back down, always give your best.  I was awarded with a track and academic scholarship to a University in Florida, after they saw my performance representing my country,Jamaica at CAC games.

Q3.  You are a very multi-faceted individual. You act, model, sing, you are good at athletics, have several university degrees and numerous other accolades to your   name. What is the driving force behind your constant success and what is your ultimate career goal?

TLC – The driving forces behind my constant success are: 1) The mindset that I have.  The will to succeed, being self driven and determined to persevere 2) My support system.  At times when I feel like my tank is on E, they serve as a burst of energy to remind me to keep going. My ultimate career goal is to become a Doctor who specializes in Forensic nursing and to have a positive and powerful impact on others lives as Mother Teresa did.  As well as to be awarded a Golden Globe and Academy Award in acting.

Q4.  Outside of your immediate family, who or what inspires you?

TLC – Waris Dirie.  She is a Somalian former supermodel who was a victim of genital mutilation, who had to endure her hardships and is now a human rights activist and was appointed United Nations special ambassador against Female Genital Mutilation.  Stories like that inspire me, through hardships comes success.

Q5.  You recently placed 2nd in the Miss Jamaica World pageant. You were a huge favorite and you did remarkably well. How do you feel that experience has benefited you?

TLC – The experience benefited me by teaching me more patience, humility and staying strong to my faith.

Q6.  Now that the pageant is over, what’s next for you? The international beauty experts across the world would love for you to represent Jamaica in Miss Universe 2013. Any possibilities of that happening?

TLC – I am focused right now on starting up free mobile annual health clinics islandwide, so that myself and my team of nurses can better identify the many challenges that our citizens are faced with and how better we can assist them.  Also, working towards improving the Wortley home, that is located on Constant Spring Road.  Plus getting on track with my acting.  To be honest, I have not considered entering Miss Jamaica Universe 2013, but you never know.

Q7.  What is life like living in Florida, and how is it different from Jamaica?

TLC – Life in Florida is every man living and working for them-self.  As to living in Jamaica, where your neighbor will give you a helping hand and understand when you are faced with an issue.  Yes there are many opportunities in United States but it does not mean that you will be presented with one and definitely does not make life living there any easier. You have to be very focused on a goal and be willing to persevere.

Q8.  You did B.E.T Rip the Runway in 2011. Describe that experience working with a renowned network such as B.E.T

TLC – That experience was very exciting.  I got to meet many of the producers, actors and models from various BET shows.  The set up of the stage and backdrop was mind blowing.  The level of intensity that the BET production staff was working on, made us models so pumped to go out and ROCK our outfit like it was our last.  I got to meet all the artist that performed that year and every one was really warm and polite.  From that show, designers throughout the U.S. tell me to RIP the RUNWAY like I did on BET.

Q9.  You received an award for Best Actress of the Caribbean. Imagine yourself as the lead role in a motion picture, what role would you see yourself playing?

TLC – An action role! A seductive lady who is also the boss in seeking revenge.  This way I would get to use my stunt work and martial arts that I have learnt from being a stunt double on Charlies Angels for Annie Illonzeh.

Q10. Your favorite actress and why?

TLC – My favorite actress is Halle Berry, not only because she is beautiful but like myself she did modeling, entered a pageant and is now an A list actress in Hollywood.  A goal I would like to achieve someday.  My favorite actor is Johnny Depp.  I like him because he is versatile.  Every role he is given to play, he masters it very well, by making it believeable.


Q11. What are your fashion must-haves?

TLC – ANY pair of strappy wedges and my Maybelline colossal mascara!

Q12. Do you have any favorite designers?

TLC – I don’t have a favorite designer per se, because I appreciate each and every piece that is creative and unique to a designer.

Q13. Tell your fans something about yourself that we might find intriguing?

TLC – I LOVE to joke around a lot! So I have different characters I like to play.  My friends named my alter ego Shalonda! lol go figure…

Q14. What is your proudest achievement to date?

TLC – My proudest achievement thus far was when I made the Jamaica team in track and field and represented my country at CAC games in Barbados.

Q15. Are there any charities you support

TLC – Yes many! To name a few: Susan G. Komen for breast cancer, Kids in Distress,and Huddle foundation are some.  Also I am looking to start a charity of my own that is focused on improving existing homes that are for the elderly and children.

Q16. With all the success you have garnered over the years you probably have many haters. How do you stay focused and block out the negativity?

TLC – I have heard that, if you don’t have haters, then you are not doing something right.  I am the type of person who realizes that I will be faced with many obstacles and its for me to thrive regardless.  Due to my determination and dedication no one or nothing can stop me from achieving my desired goals.  Also I am very strong in my faith.  I surround myself with only positivity and those who wish me good.

Q17. What is your philosophy?

TLC – To become a very influential leader who will have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Q18. In 10 years, where do you see yourself?

TLC – I see myself serving as an ambassador to shed light on the medical field in Jamaica, and assisting as many citizens as possible with their health, through my free mobile annual health clinics.  Also being an A list actress.  Married and have 3 children.

Q19. What is your message to Jamaica as we celebrate 50 years as an independent nation?

TLC – We as Jamaicans have come very far.  From our struggles of slavery to the independent nation we are now.  Our improved infrastructure has assisted in the rise of tourism that will continue to grow.  Be proud as Jamaica is the place many wish they could call home just because of the warmth of our sunshine, the entrepreneurship spirit of our people, it is the home to many greats such as Bob Marley, and Usain Bolt plus many more.  Our island have managed to be known internationally for our food! Plus be known now as the sprint factory in the world.  I am a proud Jamaican and I am happy to see that Vision 2030 is in effect and to know that many believe that Jamaica can be the ideal place to live, raise families and do business in the near future.  Let’s unite and make this year an unforgettable one!

Q20. When you leave this world, how would you like to be remembered?

TLC – As a powerful lady that was able to touch many lives in every way possible.



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