USA Election 2016: The Aftermath

The 2016 elections have come and gone and the Republican Party was victorious at the polls which came as a shock to many Americans and observers across the world. The real estate developer and business tycoon, Donald Trump, defeated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States of America. Both candidates made history, Trump, being a first timer with absolutely no political experience and Clinton being the first female nominee of a major USA political party.


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Jamaica’s #RioGoldRush 2016


It’s Olympics time again and all eyes are on Rio de Janeiro, the host city of the 2016 Games in Brazil. Jamaica is among the favorites poised to do exceptionally well in the track and field events with trailblazing athletes such as Shelly-Ann Frazer-Pryce and the sprinting anomaly Usain Bolt set out to defend their titles. Usain Bolt is the defending champion of the Men’s 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay and the fastest man in the world with a time of 9.58 seconds, while Shelly-Ann Frazer-Pryce is the female defending champion of the Women’s 100m. At Rio 2016 Jamaica aims to have another spectacular gold rush with several promising athletes. Check them out below. 

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Trump vs Hillary…4 Months Away

The 2016 elections in America are less than 4 months away and both major political parties in America have officially nominated their candidates at the recently concluded conventions. Republicans were first with their convention selecting real estate developer, Donald Trump, as their nominee to run against Hillary Rodham Clinton who became the first female to be nominated by a major political party to run for office. Both candidates have made history, Trump, being a first timer with absolutely no political experience and Clinton being the first female nominee of a major USA political party.



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Transnational Impact of Jamaican Culture 2016


“Jidenna – Little Bit More” filmed in July 2016. 

In recent years, the transnational impact of Jamaica’s culture could be seen in many areas. Katy Perry attended the dance class of Jamaican dancer Mystic in Portland in June 2014 while on vacation in the island. Tommy Hilfiger showcased Jamaican and African-inspired apparel at his spring/summer 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week in September 2015. Most recently, American rapper Tyga filmed his video for the song “1 of 1” in various parts of Jamaica as well as British DJ Sigala filmed his video for his song “Say You Do” and Jidenna “Little Bit More”. 

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Trump vs. Hillary…6 Months Away


The November 2016 elections in America is fast approaching with the Republican Party already selecting their presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, and the Democratic Party contest still underway with front-runner Hillary Clinton and challenger Senator Bernie Sanders. This 2016 election season has seen the rise of newcomer to politics Donald Trump, whose political success came as a surprise to many. Trump beat 16 other Republican competitors to become the presumptive nominee of the GOP, even gaining the most votes ever in the history of American politics for the Republican Party. On the contrast, he also has the highest negatives of any candidate that has ever run for political office in the United States of America. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton also has a very high negative perception among the American electorate which makes both her and Trump the two candidates with the highest unfavorability ratings in the history of American politics.


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A Win For Democracy

The general elections on February 25, 2016 have demonstrated that democracy is still alive and well in Jamaica. The Jamaica Labour Party led by leader Andrew Holness came out victorious winning 32 seats to the People’s National Party 31 seats with pending magisterial recounts. Most of the polls predicted a PNP victory however that was not the case when all the ballots were counted on election night. So what went wrong?


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Mariah At Jamaica Jazz 2015: The Unvarnished Truth

Mariah performed at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival on January 30th but she got mixed reviews from most of the patrons that attended. Many media sites have been reporting that she missed the mark, but in all honesty Mariah was good, with the exception of a few glitches;it was not terrible as many media outlets have been reporting. The sole purpose of this article is to clear up any discrepancies that unfolded at Jamaica Jazz 2015.


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